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What is IGFACatchLog?

The IGFA has partnered with Columbia University and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to develop an iPhone app that allows anglers to contribute to fisheries data collection efforts while improving their own fishing success.


Fish with the App on the Water

When you are out on the water and actually fishing, record catches by simply, clicking the species name or by photographing your fish. A fish clicker will count your fish as you record them, and your phone will automatically capture the date, time, and location of your catch which will sync to your personal catch log. A first ever visual identification system can assist you in identifying your catch. After you snap a photo of your catch, all you have to do is tap the head and the tail of the fish and a list of likely species will be presented to you to choose from. It is important for you to enter fish at or near the location where you catch each fish for your personal, online log to be effective.


Submit your trip

After you return to the dock and are done fishing for the day, submit your trip with the app. All of your fishing activity that you recorded with the app will then flow to the website. Always remember that the information you record with the app is personal and your exact catch locations will not be shared with anyone. The only information that is shared with fisheries scientists is the broad geographic zone of your catches, which is the same information park staff already collects from you at the boat ramps and other locations. The more information that you log with the app, the more information will flow to the website where there are tools in place to help you learn how to improve your fishing.


Log-in to the Website

Log -in to the website where you can view your personal catch history, add details to your catches and trips, and run reports. Every time you fish with the app, pins of each catch will populate your personal, interactive satellite map so you can view exactly where you are catching fish. You can also add details to each catch like length, weight, tides, and photos! Functionality also allows you to generate reports and graphs to compare trips, species, catch rates over time, and much more to give you further insight into your own fishing.

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